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Take better photos for your website by getting up close and personal

When you take photos for your website, you’ll probably want to show all  you are and all  you do.

Resist the temptation. Take too wide a view and your visitors won’t relate; instead, focus in on a few, telling details and they’ll see you for who you really are.

Wide photo of a sparse, tidy, clean room with a massage table

Not a bad photo

If you’re taking photos for your massage therapy website, you could do worse than the shot above. It tells you some of the big-picture things: your massage room has a massage table, it’s sparse, it’s tidy, it’s clean. What more could your visitors want from a photo?

Close-up photo of a sparse, tidy, clean shelf with a plant, a lamp and a stack of linen

Getting closer

The shot above comes much closer, in every sense. It focuses in on a few, telling details: a plant, a lamp, a stack of linen. It communicates all the same big-picture things – your massage therapy practice is sparse, tidy and clean – but it tells your visitors so much more about you . It’s warm, it’s inviting and it’ll help persuade your customers that they’ve come to the right place.

If you run a coffee shop, don’t just show the store front on your website; instead, focus in on a steaming latte, the rustic bar, the expressions on the faces of the people taking a much-needed break in their day. If you’re building a website for a 100-person company, don’t just show a formal photo of 100 forced smiles taken at the last all-company meeting; instead, take close-ups of people engaging with each other in their day-to-day work.

What’s the most personal thing about you  and what you  do?

Take a close-up of that  for your website.

October 17,  2018