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How to edit your website photos to make them pop

Want to make your website photos really pop?

A couple of quick adjustments with a free  online photo editor can make all the difference.

Here’s how.

A striking photo of a low sun in a blue sky with wispy clouds, behind tall trees and green grass

Start with a pretty good photo

The same photo, edited to make it even more striking

Cut out the clutter and increase the contrast and saturation to end up with a photo that really pops; take a look at the sharper halos around the trees in the distance to see how small tweaks can make all the differences

You don’t need an extortionate software suite like Photoshop (a mere $79.99 per month for the Adobe Business All Apps Plan), or even a less punishing alternative like Affinity Photo (infinitely better value at $49.99 one-time payment).

Just use the free online Pixlr Editor Follow these 4 simple steps to make your photos really pop.


Open your photo

Go to

Select OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER and open your photo


Cut out the clutter

Select the Crop tool  The crop tool from the Pixlr photo editor  at the top-left of the screen

You can fix the shape of your image using the Constraint controls at the top of the screen, e.g. for a square image select an aspect ratio of 1:1

The constraint controls from the Pixlr photo editor showing Constraint: Aspect ratio, Width: 1.0, Height: 1.0

Drag out a rectangle over your image and adjust it to include the points of interest in your photo and exclude any irrelevant clutter:

The original photo, shown in the Pixlr photo editor with a crop grid, about to be cropped

Press the enter key to complete your crop


Make it pop

Select Adjustment > Brightness & Contrast… from the menu at the top and try increasing the Contrast and adjusting the Brightness – it’s a good way to make your image more striking

The Brightness & Contrast panel in the Pixlr photo editor, shown with Brightness set to -5 and Contrast set to 15

Select Adjustment > Hue & Saturation… from the menu and try increasing the Saturation and adjusting the Lightness – it’s a good way to bring out the colours in your image

The Hue & Saturation panel in the Pixlr photo editor, shown with Saturation set to 15 and Lightness set to -5


Save your photo

Select File > Save… from the menu

Save your photo in JPEG format with quality 80

You’re done! Now upload your clutter-free, eye-popping photo to your website.

October 31,  2018