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Don’t clutter your website with a Google Map

Most websites these days are beautifully designed and mercifully uncluttered.

And yet, when it comes to showing the location of our business, most of us are tempted to spoil the effect with an ugly, fussy Google map.


What you’re telling your customers when you tell them not to reply to your emails

You probably receive emails all the time from noreply@ addresses with the familiar words: Do not reply to this email .

Before you set up your ownnoreply@ email address, take a moment to consider what you’re telling your customers when you tell them not to reply to your emails.


Should you send cold outreach email from your regular domain, a subdomain or a different domain?

To keep your messages out of the spam folder, you should never  send cold outreach email from your regular domain.

Instead, send your cold outreach email from a subdomain, or an entirely different domain, or, ideally, both.


How to edit your website photos to make them pop

Want to make your website photos really pop?

A couple of quick adjustments with a free  online photo editor can make all the difference.

Here’s how.


How to light up the photos on your website

If there’s one thing you need to pay attention to when you’re taking photos for your website, it’s the light.

Photos taken in bright, natural light and photos taken in dim, artificial light are like night and day.


Take better photos for your website by getting up close and personal

When you take photos for your website, you’ll probably want to show all  you are and all  you do.

Resist the temptation. Take too wide a view and your visitors won’t relate; instead, focus in on a few, telling details and they’ll see you for who you really are.


What’s the best camera to use to take photos for your website?

You don’t need an expensive camera to take amazing photos for your website.

Your phone will do just fine.


Why you should never use stock photos on your website

There are some beautiful stock photos out there. You can license them for your website at very reasonable prices.

Don’t do it.


Why is the web so boring?

The first rule of marketing is: don’t be boring.

So why are most websites these days so very, very boring?